Interior Decor Resources Canada

Interior Decor Resources Canada

Who Are We?

IDRC is a Unique Trade Association within the Interior Decorating Industry as it is comprised of the diverse elements of its participants that range from Manufacturers, Distributors, Agents, Decorators, Designers, Decor Trade Professionals, workrooms etc.

The mandate is to enhance the image of its members and their quality products used in both the residential and commercial segments.

IDRC is a registered not-for-profit Association managed by appointed experienced executives from the Decorating Industry overseen by an elected 6 member Honorary Board of Directors. All paid up members may be nominated for the board to serve a 2 year stint on a rolling basis of seniority until they become President after which as Past President they may not serve on the board again for at least two years so as to maintain a continuing healthy, experienced group with a historical background of the Association`s activities.

The fiscal year of the Registered company 1060733 Ontario Ltd aka Interior Decor Resources Canada IDRC / Interior Decorating Association / Decor Associates / Decor Trade Professionals / Decor Interns under which the operations are administered is from July 1st until June 30th following.  A professional audit is conducted annually as approved by the Board of Directors.

Management is required to maintain insurances of liabilities and is subject to reengagement by a unamious approval of the Board of Directors. an essential role within our Association as it gives members a wonderful opportunity to network with other members and their peers, in particular supplier members. Gaining experience is invaluable.