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"WANTED" Volunteers with a Purpose!

Are you Ready Willing and Able to Learn or Teach?

Volunteering is an essential role in our association as it gives members a wonderful opportunity to network with other members and their peers, in particular supplier members.


Gaining experience is invaluable!


We invite ALL volunteers, either students from our Sponsored Colleges or Certified Decor Design Professional Members, to participate at Industry events.


By networking together contacts are made for building a client base and connections with our many suppliers for trade discounts and where job opportunities are available. Let us know a little about you so when the various opportunities present themselves we can contact you for your availability. Download Volunteer Application form below.


IDRC is looking for businesses looking for Volunteers and Volunteers looking for businesses in the exciting Interior Decor Industry.


IDRC is always looking for passionate people to Volunteer and share in our success and be part of Industry Association. 

IDRC is looking for Businesses looking for Volunteers. Please email us to Register your placement and opportunity to get the brightest students. Email subject 'Volunteering'

Volunteer Registration Form onLine

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