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Scholarship Program

Interior Decor Resources Canada (IDRC) Supports The Future Generations of Decor Trade Professionals

A school is qualified for IDRC SCHOLARSHIP if such is able to obtain an in-perpetuity grant from the Department of Education to match the amount given by IDRC. If Government funding is not available then a matching college amount to replace the Government could be allocated from a school own bursary fund earnings.

For Students in Decor Design and Visual Arts Programs on a full time basis IDRC has created a Scholarship program named

The Interior Decor Resources Canada –  Dennis Mascall Scholarship

In 2011, IDRC funded $100,000 to applied participating Accredited colleges of the Ontario Department of Education who matched $for$ in perpetuity or with matching amounts by IDRC from the college's bursaries funds, to insure that Decor Graduate Students will always have Industry Support. The IDRC payment is a one time amount to which the Governments' matched to cover the award's annual amounts which is held in each college's bursary funds earning an annual percentage from which the awards are determined according to the minimum prescribed amounts.

This IDRC initiative is possible by IDRC's Executive VP Dennis Mascall dedication to our industry by negotiating such Provincial Government and/or College funding which hopefully will be followed by other Provinces in the future to make this an ALL CANADA program. This program is offered subject to funding from sources as noted above.

REQUIREMENTS: To qualify for IDRC Scholarships, colleges are required to offer a minimum 2 year diploma course to Decorating, Design & Visual Arts Students and to promote IDRC Scholarship Program with IDRC LOGO to all registered students in their communications with IDRC membership offers. Scholarship will be given to Colleges with a supporting Government subsidy and/or college/ IDRC funding as explained above.

IDRC is a not-for-profit Corporation formed in the early nineties to promote awareness of Professional Interior Decorators and Quality Interior Décor products from reliable suppliers consisting of many facets of the Interior Decorating Industry.

SCHOLARSHIPS: are awarded at the end of the second year to graduating students, based on financial needs and percentage of Course merit and are granted by each qualified participating College. Each course must have an enrollment of no less than 20 returning second year students.

The award is for the first and second student total amounts that the IDRC funds coupled with the specific college overall accumulated funds generated as earned percentage and the matching in-perpetuity amounts from either the government grant or the college's fund.

  • If the amount generated is under $500 then the award shall be kept at the actual amount, as such 1 (one) student Only will qualify from the Interior Decorating course.
  • If the amount earned is over $500 two students may qualify with a first prize of $500 to the Interior Decorating course student and the runner up will receive the surplus up to $1000 from Design & Visual Arts course.
  • Each college shall have the option of splitting double award on a 75% & 25% basis.
  • Any amount generated over $1000 in any scholarship year shall be carried over as a base for the succeeding year

A 2 year FREE MEMBERSHIP AWARDS shall be given to each Award recipient of Scholarship from each category of Decorating, Design & Visual Arts programs, from the date of graduation diploma that shall be advised to IDRC by each Course coordinator.

All Intern Graduates of Decorating, Design & Visual Arts programs are eligible for IDRC membership fees reduced to $100 for 2 years entitling them to the many benefits associated within IDRC.

UnderGrad Students of Decorating, Design & Visual Arts programs enrolled in schools accredited by IDRC are eligible for a $100/year IDRC membership with proof of course registration and their student number.

At IDRC we are dedicated to nurturing the next generation of Decor Design Professionals.

As such we are proud to offer this support to promote higher learning in the Decor Design field.


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