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Interior Decor Resources Canada

Newsletter: Issue 1 - Dec 11, 2008




So for starters I'd like to wish all our members and friends a


This is the first of our Bi-monthly Newsletters that will be emailed to thousands of people involved in the Wonderful World of Decorating. This is where we will bring you ideas, news, events and comments from people involved in our exciting industry!

YOU, yes you, can email us your input and sensible participation will be welcomed by all readers to

NOW it's time to relax and reflect on a year full of surprises, particularly in the past two months. Even though the world seems as it's turned upside down, there is still room for optimism and as in previous downturns, most people looked after their shelter environment before spending on more frivolous past times.

Best of all, our members in particular, will no doubt address the problems of the day with a greater focus on how they can trim their costs so that savings passed on to the end customer does not do any long term damage to their businesses.

You, we, have survived these events in the past and from personal experience, the smart ones will survive again and be stronger in the long run for their efforts.

For our members and potential members there are several ways WWFA can help you save on your bottom line and all you need to do is ask us about our "Member Benefits"

Maybe it's time to look again at Home Shows where you can show customers what you have to offer in a real live manner as one of tlhe better ways to communicate in person with potential customers. WWFA offers savings in this area.

WWFA's existence over the last 15 years is because we have stayed the course by helping our members and are ready to look for more saving opportunities where our strength of membership will be used in this endeavour.

For now though, use this wonderful holiday period to think through and renew your commitments to your customer base by planning innovative marketing for cost effective decor and renovation activities.

Best Regards
Executive Vice President

Holiday Hope Wreaths

HOLIDAY 'HOPE' WREATHS:  by Array of Windows

"Helping Other People Everywhere"

...Build Your Own Holiday Wreaths & we will Donate a Bear in YOUR Namesake!! 

It's easy!!  This year 2008, for every 'HOPE' Wreath that you, or your 'group' purchases - we will donate one 13" Soft Plush Bear to the Oshawa Lakeridge Health Centre for children who must spend Christmas Day in Hospital.