Interior Decor Resources Canada

Interior Decor Resources Canada


IDRC ­ Interior Decor Resources Canada*‚Ä®Registered Decor Trade Professionals presenting serious of Seminars starting with a morning coffee on a variety of Resources on Decor Design products & services.

Stay connected and get inspired with the newest thinking, resources, products and services. Enjoy a wealth of creative information, opinion, fact, fancy and more from Industry Leading Suppliers who are professionals in every aspect of products and services in Interior Decorating and Design.

*IDRCanada is not-for-profit Ontario Co. Ltd. dedicated to fair business practices and integrity of it’s members and products.

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11th FABplus Seminars - April 2015246.33 KB
FABplus 10th Anniversary Highlights of the DAY129.76 KB
10th FABplus Seminars - May 2014925.15 KB
9th FABplus Seminars - November 2013216.56 KB
8th FABplus Seminars - May 2013132.45 KB
7th FABplus Seminars - November 201290.62 KB
6th FABplus Seminars - March 2012135.65 KB
5th FABplus Seminars - October 2011107.46 KB
4th FABplus Seminars - May 2011116.19 KB
3rd FABplus Seminars - November 2010145.52 KB
2nd FABplus Seminars - November 2009133.39 KB
1st FABplus Seminars - June 2009130.81 KB