Interior Decor Resources Canada

Interior Decor Resources Canada


Use this page to Sell and Buy discontinued fabrics, various designer coverings and  brit-a-bac left overs from projects... turn this "stuff" into cash through our new e-Shop - Welcome Everyone!

Тurquoise Palace

The Turquoise Palace has a diverse collection of high end throw pillows. Whatever your design aesthetic, any one of these works of art will elevate the character of your home. We choose exquisite fabrics including the finest silks, luxurious cottons and soft chenille. Silk threads are used for embroidering our custom designs. All of our pieces have been finished to perfection and will satisfy even the most discerning buyers. To preserve exclusivity, we only make a limited number of pieces in each design.



An exclusive line of sterling silver jewelry to complement your lifestyle with simple and thoughtful designs. Cerine offers a unique collection with an elegant and minimalist style desirable for any occasion.

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Sheikh Home

20x20 Feather filled - Covers are removable for cleaning
Covers alone ($60 per pair or $35 each)
Or the covers with the inserts ($80 per pair or $45 each)
For allergies, hypo-allergenic synthetic down is available - synthetic down allows for the "karate chop" look. 
C.O.M. for an hourly or flat rate - negotiable
As well table runners, placemats, basic draperies, covers for foam cushion are available by request

Charles Randall's Designer Sketchfile


This book will kindle your creativity and stimulate your imagination. You can mix and match the various designs to create a truly unusual treatment that will be your creation - one of a kind- something no one else in the world has.

Plus, download images from CD ROM included and manipulate them into your next masterpiece!

Dream Windows


An exceptional guide to window coverings featuring more than 600 photographs, Dream Windows is both unique and complete in covering the scope of window products available in today's market. You will be encouraged to explore and consider all of your options, rather than settle for something that just "makes do". Prepare to be inspired! (Hardcover)

Encyclopedia of Window Fashions VI


Our most popular book!!!

Is one picture worth a thousand words? The uniqueness of this book lies in combining the presentation of 1000 illustrations with a truly encyclopedic knowledge of window treatments. Whether a budget is lavish or modest, this book offers the optimum number of choices in an individual design situation.

Every Designer and window-covering sales Pro should have this latest edition! (Softcover)

Fabulous Fabrics


Give fabrics a unique and stunning touch by embellishing them with a wealth of remarkable techniques. Then use them to lend all of your sewing projects a touch of distinction. (2000 Hardcover. Good condition) Mary Jo Hiney


Retail & Restaurant Spaces


This beautifully illustrated volume is a valuable resource for designers, shoppers, and restaurant-goers who wish to experience environments of exceptional quality throughout the world. (1999 Hardcover. Good condition) Kristen Richards