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From time to time IDRC receives requests from other Trade organisations to promote events, at times similar to IDRC educational and Scholarship activities and while we want to cooperate for the benefits of our Decorators and Designers we have a policy with regard to such reciprocal arrangements.

IDRC has developed a strong internet presence over the many years of our Trade Shows (Interior Decor Showcases 1994 - 2001) and coop shows with CRHA, PDRA, IIDEX etc. and now our NEW "Decor Digest" Internet Magazine which now delivers over 6,000 signed up recipients.

For this reason we ask that should you want us to promote your events through our medium we shall be pleased to do so provided you reciprocate through your own trade contacts.

IDRC will gladly promote all and any Industry Events provided you provide us a similar opportunity. FAIR ENOUGH?

IDRC have launched a weekly e-news brief, the DECOR DIGEST® in partnership with our internet publisher,MultiView. The DECOR DIGEST® is distributed FREE to the subscribed inboxes of professionals in the interior decorating industry which includes Suppliers, Manufacturers, Distributors, Agents, Decorators, Designers, Architects, Decor Trade Professionals, Event Managers and media, many which are IDRC loyal members.

Every Monday DECOR DIGEST® features current and compelling articles on new products and services as well as current trends in the interior decorating industry.

As an IDRC industry associate, we would like to offer you the opportunity to reach your core customers in the IDRC DECOR DIGEST® at advertising rates well below many other decor industry media in high class presentations. OR we will gladly conra our space for a small space in your next trade show event if that's what you're in to !

If you have any questions or are interested in learning more about how to feature your company in the IDRC DECOR DIGEST, please call Oliver Kirby @ 289-695-5420 for more information on our Media Kit.

We are now on our 300 PLUS weekly issues ! with no loss in distribution !
As always,
We Thank you for supporting OUR Industry through INTERIOR DECORATING RESOURCES CANADA.